Funny Images

These are images this curator finds funny. Where possible, I've linked every image to the "source" or at least the last known person who posted/blogged it.

Memes & Shitposts
a screenshot of a tumblr post by user chaotic-neutral-knitter that reads: I do love the phrase executive dysfunction bc the image it conjures is of a bunch of people in business suits around a long oval conference table arguing with each other to the point where they're getting into physical fights, but in the background there's just a big empty whiteboard with a To Do list with one item on it and that item is 'take shower'
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads No babe, you're not Doomed by the Narrative. You're just struggling now, so your triumphant comeback later is more poignant, that's all.
a screenshot of a tumblr post by user existennialmemes reading: I am formally establishing myself as a Deity because My Ways are Mysterious and I would also like to get out of having to explain myself
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes reading Everyone jokes about bluejays for being corvids and not fitting in with the other Goth Birds, but listen, we RESPECT the pastel goths in this house, and I feel certain all the corvids agree.
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads When someone deserves derision but you don't want to sling collateral damage at innocent bystanders, just tell them that they...
 ...are a waste of the oxygen in their lungs
...are the most regrettable assemblage of molecules in the Universe
...are the human equivalent of wet socks
...are a disgrace to the stars that created the carbon in their cells
...have an opinion as useful and as insightful as a sack full of farts
... have less Moral Integrity than a Lifetime Movie Villain
Be Insulting, Not Bigoted šŸ’–
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes reading: Reject Hustle Culture Work like a SNAIL šŸŒ

Nurturing Yourself 

Always Prioritizing Rest

Interdependently With Your Community 

Lubricating Your Path With Union Organizing
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes reading: Being friends with me is exactly like having an Imaginary Friend: I show up sporadically and unpredictably. I frequently don't make sense. None of your other friends have ever seen me and they don't believe I'm real.
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: 'Why do you wear skirts and dresses if you're non binary?' 
Holding aside that clothing isn't gender, and if you perceived me as a non binary person of the 'other' gender you wouldn't be asking me that, but to answer your question in good faith: Society has given me a free pass to go outside without pants on. Why wouldn't I keep using it??
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: We're all old enough to admit now, that the moral of Goldilocks is really: Entitled People Will Act Like The Victim Even When They've Been Caught In The Act Of Wronging You.
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: Sorry I said that Weird Thing My whole life is just me Doing a Bit
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: I am but a Simple Creature. I have but Simple Desires: I just want to bake decadent cakes, and drink fancy teas, and dance on the graves of those who tried to doom the world for profit.
a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: Stop. Please back up. That's not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. That's a Feral Non Binary Autistic and they're highly aggressive towards outsiders.
She's a ten, but she keeps transforming herself into a worm to test my loyalty. It was cute the first dozen or so times, but now I'm starting to wonder if we have a problem.

a tumblr post by user existennialmemes that reads: Just sitting in my little house. Doing my little tasks. The world is burning. My laundry's done. Making my little posts on the internet. The world has 14k less children in it. 

Don't make a commotion. Don't Name The Horrors. Emptying the dishwasher. Making dinner. Record temperatures in the Ocean. 

Filling my taxes. Saving up for grocery shopping. No more community testing for a malady that's not stopping. 

Just a Very Very Normal, Well Regulated Society. Wandering politely from catastrophe to catastrophe.
a sequence of tumblr posts the first by user super-sootica which reads:
Pros and Cons of making things

Pro: Thing

Con: Make
followed by a reblog by user alphagodith that reads:
you summed up the struggle of all creators ever so nicely
a screenshot of a sequence of tumblr posts, the first is from user msboutofcontext a tumblr blog entitled Magic School Bus Out of Context and is two screenshots from a Magic School Bus episode of Mrs Frizzle talking and saying in the captions: If at first you don't succeed, find out why which is then reblogged and commented on by user spacefinch that reads: This is honestly better advice than 'If at first you don't succeed, try try again.' By all means try again, But do that after you figure out WHY you failed! and tagged with the following: magic school bus, the how to of science xd, out of context, if at first you don't succeed, petition to replace the original proverb with this version
Writing Problems over a picture of a chalkboard that reads: My Mind is like my internet browser: 19 tabs are open, 3 are frozen, and I have no idea where the music is coming from
If you see me talking to myself, just move along. I'm self-employed, we're having a staff meeting.

a twitter post by James Breakwell, username XplodingUnicorn on Twitter/X that reads I tried to say 'I'm a functional adult,' but my phone changed it to 'fictional adult,' and I feel like that's more accurate.
a twitter post by memesforwriters dated May  29th 2021 that reads: Now that I am officially done with my school work for the semester I need a new excuse for why Iā€™m not writing āœļø

Blinkies, Stamps & Userboxes
a userbox with a small black square on the left with the phrase HELP! in capslock in red and the right hand side reads ive been trapped in this weird rectangle for months on a grey background
a userbox with a dunkin donuts logo on the left wiht the phrase This system runs on Dunkin' on the right
a userbox with an image of a haunted mansion on the left and the phrase This system is just a crossover fanfic where all the characters live in a mansion together.(/j)
a blinkie that reads I used to have a handle on life.......but it broke.a blinkie that reads Don't follow my footsteps... I walk into walls.
a blinkie that reads had a life got a computer
a blinkie of the outside of a house A clean house is a sign of a broken computera blinkie with an upside down cat peeking down from the top text reads some days just look better upside down

Miscellaneous Images
a clipart doodle of a glow worm with a shiny butt holding a lantern with the following silly rhyme: I wish I was a glow worm, A glowworm's never glum. 'Cos how can you be grumpy When the sun shines out your bum!